Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nothing to see here - Hamas edition

It should be obvious by now that all Hamas wants for Ramadan is the destruction of Israel.

"We did not receive any official draft of this Egyptian proposal," Sami Abu Zuhri said, adding that the plan, as is, was "not acceptable."


Only in world of Hamas does one needs an official draft of a ceasefire to cease firing.  You can't just stop, and work out the details later, it's gotta be certified, perhaps notarized, and then they will consider it.

But then of course, he clarified, no plan would have been acceptable had he actually seen one.

So is the idiocracy that rules Hamas.

But whenever these guys make mistakes, they have to cover them up.  So was the case yesterday, when Sami made a freudian mistake on international television.

Hamas tried to cover it up with their own translation of his screw up to make sure it's spokesman didn't look like he just said he was leading his own people to death.

So too did Hamas try to cover up it's attempts to use Twitter to spread lies.  The BBC caught Hamas using the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack to post pictures of images unrelated to the current conflict.  A scandal broken internationally.

In the US, even the Left has woken up to Hamas sending in it's own citizens.

"CNN's Jake Trapper asked former PLO legal advisor Diana Buttu about a tape of Hamas spokesmen encouraging civilians in Gaza to protect homes of Hamas' leaders with their bodies. When Buttu retorted by calling this a racist accusation, Tapper replied, "It's not racist, we have video … That's not racist, it's a fact."

It's no surprise that the opinion, in the United States, has shifted dramatically toward Israel. Hamas has no clue how idiotic their actions have been.  But yet, they still continue.

Which is good in one sense, the United States is rallying around Israel.

For instance,

The US congress is ready to double funding for the Iron Dome,
and if Rand Paul has his say, will also cut funding for the Unity government.

Hopefully, these winds of change keep blowing.