Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lords of Chaos

For those who have studied ancient Egyptian mythology, this should be a refresher, but not everyone enjoys learning about a long lost civilization's myths and gods. 

It should, however, be interesting to the Wheel of Time readers and to reader's of the Bible, searching for additional context.

Lord of Chaos.

Apep was the first, to my knowledge.

He was the Lord of Chaos.  Destroyer of Order and Good.

The World Encircler.

He encircled in the world in many legends.  The Legend of the Encircler morphed from serpent, and snake, to dragon.

And you see that in WOT as well,

The Great Serpent Ring the Aes Sedai, Servants of All, must wear.

The wheel of Time turns via the twin forces of Saidin and Saidar.  Yet, here, it is represented by the Great Serpent, the World Encircler.

The 7 spokes of the Wheel Represent the 7 Ages of man.  This has much in common with the weekly cycle, which is 7 days.  It is said in Jewish mysticism, that the Sabbath falls in the middle of the week.  The Sabbath is actually at the ascension of the week.  The 3 days prior, lead up to the high point of the week.  The 3 days after, are days of work because we realized what we needed to do while we rested.  Thus, is the cycle of the week similar to the cycles of the Wheel of Time.

As Egypt aged, Legends morphed.  Apep was replaced by a new Lord.

It started with the beginning of the Egyptian God Hierarchy.  Apep was the opponent of Ra, the solar deity, bringer of Light, and thus, upholder of Ma'at.

Ma'at was the Goddess of order, truth, balance, morality and Justice.

However, over time, Apep was marginalized because it was clear the Sun wasn't destroyed every night.

So, Egyptian legend adapted.  Legend soon had a new god, one with a spear killing Apep,


The new Lord of Chaos.

Lord of storms, desert, disorder, violence and the foreigner.

It was the worshipers of Set who gained the throne of Pharaoh in the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.  This dynasty was known for it's military conquests in the land of Canaan.

Many of their children, the pharaohs, were given names in honor of this god.  Most people remember from the Bible, the name of Moses's adopted father, Seti.

The Dynasty of Set, A Dynasty that worshiped Chaos and enslaved the Hebrew people.

Most of us remember how the Hebrew people left, but what happened to Ramesses and this Dynasty of Set?

After Ramesses II's death, the Dynasty collapsed within 25 years.

An stark warning for those that worship chaos, disorder, slavery, and violence.