Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good ideas gone baa'aad

My favorite headline of the year may have to go to this one,


"Weed munching goats run out of Detroit."

"Goats brought in to clean up part of a Detroit neighborhood are getting the boot, after it was discovered that a city ordinance bans farm and wild animals."

Goats to clean up the neighborhoods?  What on Earth is that guy thinking?  Clearly, he didn't think of the law before he spent the gas to haul 60 goats in.

The grass and parks in the cities need maintenance.  The roads in the cities need maintenance.  There needs to be police on the streets.  These thing cost money.

Goats? What is this, Afghani-triot?

If the big ideas of the Left lead to cities returning to the stone age, what does that say about the Left?

And what does it say, when other cities, such as Flint,


are sure to follow Detroit and Stockton into bankruptcy.


It says the result of their policies is to return America to the stone age.  Where our economic wealth is no more.  A place where America has no nuclear weapons and has to cut defense spending because of budget shortfalls.  A place where crushing taxes can be justified so long as the people get some perceived good out of it.

More dangerously, our President's policies are helping build up a counter-Islamic state in the Middle East that soon may threaten the World.

 A state quickly trying to acquire Nuclear weapons.

A very dangerous situation indeed.