Monday, July 28, 2014

Twisting words

I tell the following tale for two reasons :

1. So that others, those who currently Stand for Murrieta, and those who want to, know what is to come

2. Because words are losing their meanings

For me, standing up to the jokers of the former "Co-Op" was easy.  These guys were nuckleheads of the first order.  After all, who names their forum the Co-op?  Those guys.

A name like that comes straight out of their communist agenda.  That they changed their name again is no surprise because it was shameful.  However, for those not familiar with the situation, these guys tried to take over GOAZCATS from the admin in a power grab.  Fueled by raging nutcases, like Colonel Custer JMJ, these guys tried to gain power of the forum, and when denied, threw a huge hissy fit not seen outside the World of Warcraft forums.

In that mess, I soon realized that many of the Cat fans, who I thought much like myself, were actually anti-religious bigots, some even mentally so.  Such is the case with Chicat and Bruins01, and perhaps NorCalCat as well for posing to be a Jew.  A real shame.

But it was the Rovian mind games they tried to play with other posters that was what people need to understand.  Any word they use is it's opposite.  Affordable Care Act.  Not as affordable as it turns out, right?

For instance, from a post from Richard Cranium on 6/10,

"That discovery dot org link is flagged as a malware invasion link. Are you an electro-Terrorist?" is a clean website, you can verify it yourself with other virus checking websites from AVG, Norton, amongst others.

So he lost all credibility to begin with.  But this was over Darwinism and Evolution that I got called a terrorist.  A terrorist?  For speaking out against Darwinism?  So spreading intellectualism is now considered terror, gotcha. This guy must be the most unterrified guy in the World by that standard.

But that's how these guys roll. Calling people asshole, terrorist, issuing death threats because they are utter losers with nothing else to do.  For instance, in particular, NYCAT. All my tech friends would have laughed at this neanderthal. That guy was so angry at me because he didn't get an app for GOAZCATS yet.  I told him to get a web browser and join the modern world.

I guess he cried in his little corner before he sent me private death threats. 

560 views, almost 2 months later, yet no reply from NYCAT in the thread?

And it's not just these guys, but their other real life Jihadi brothers too.  They are trained to flip words and phrases around so they don't mean squat.  When you call a Jihadi a terrorist, they shrug it off.  They know they are, and so they will try anything in their means to paint the other side as one too, so they aren't so bad.

That is why you see the Israel is a terrorist signs / propaganda.  It's designed to desensitize you, and the youth, to the word terrorist.  So it's meaningless.

Terror is strapping bombs to their little children and sending them into crowded marketplaces filled with other innocent children, and telling them they will go to Allah and get their virgins.  That's terror, not telling people online to get a grip.

So expect them to use words against you.  That's all they have.  They will call you asshole, jerk, racist, bigot, terrorist or KKK.  Shrug it off.

It's meaningless because these guys are meaningless.