Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freedom of the Press

From i24news report,

National Security Adviser Susan Rice, speaking at the same forum as Dermer, said the Obama administration was “dismayed by some press reports in Israel mischaracterizing (Kerry’s) efforts last week to achieve a cease-fire. We know these misleading reports in turn raise concerns here at home in America.”

Briefing reporters Monday, Kerry’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, was even blunter.

“Our view is it’s simply not the way that partners and allies treat each other,” she said. “So it was important, in our view, to lay out on the record what the facts are about what has happened here, and we’re certainly hopeful that we can all focus moving forward on how we achieve a ceasefire and not on other misinformation campaigns.”


No offense, Jen, but you're a moron.

Israeli newspapers and television stations are not your partner or ally.  They are independent media sources.  Don't like their harsh criticism of your incompetent boss?  Too bad.  Grow up.  What do you expect?  Are they supposed to pat you on the back for bumbling around like a bunch of bafoons?

It's the same old, same old.  "lay out on the record what the facts are about what has happened"...

You guys were put on an impossible mission by your boss.

It was 4th down and long, with :03 left in the game, down 6, and the QB just dumped the pass off to you in the middle of the field.  You weren't dealt a good hand to begin with, it's no wonder you got pummeled.

Instead of playing candy crush and Kim Kardashian games all day, how about looking up the side you are trying to have Israel come to a ceasefire with.  Like how they want to murder every single Jew in Israel, from the Jordan to the Sea.

Or how about you look up the other Arab countries, which are our "allies." The ones that run state based media calling for your head on a platter.  That's if you aren't raped or tortured first, Jen. 

But no, please, let's not focus on other misinformation campaigns.