Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Online Mentality

For some, they may not yet understand how many internet jihadi's are out there.

But new articles show that is how these jihadi's are now being built.  Online.  Via social media.  It's too bad they skimped on the English courses though...

Indeed, the internet jihadi's are out there in force, and Israel has even hacked Hamas's websites and social media in return.  It's a war waged online just as much as it's being waged on the streets of Gaza.

It's a two front war - one in the real world, and one in the virtual.

To some, online stuff means nothing.  It has no affect upon the real, the two do not intertwine.

But it's not true.  The hearts and minds of kids is easily swayed in this new media format.  Kid's are exposed to a great deal of images and text that some parents would find shocking (and unfit to add here).

Thus a greater war is being waged.  Not now, but for the future.  For the next generation.

The Terrorist group Hamas wants people around the world to sympathize with them so that other countries intervene in Gaza.

Instead, they have driven a wedge between themselves and Egypt, and the emerging "moderate" block.  Most of this is because countries now are realizing the dangers of dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, which's arm in Gaza is called Hamas.

It's arm on university and college Campus's near you is called the Muslim Student's Association (MSA).  Get to know it because they get taxpayer money, and it's in general, their goal, to make life miserable for Jewish students, spread hate, and try to get your kid's to join up too.

But it's more than Jihadi, it's about preaching a wider message with a chorus of voices.  Along with MEChA, Socialist and Communist parties on campus, the overall message is that America is messed up and deserves whatever it gets.

That message is anti-Colonialism.

It basically stipulates that people should hate America because it's been a colonial power.  It deserves it's own destruction because it's been a genocidal force.  Some call this Pax Americana, or the American Empire.  Because of events such as the Trail of Tears, or Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the United States deserves to be destroyed they say.

This is the message D'Souza made in 2016, Obama's America.

A must watch so you can understand the mentality of those who are angry at the United States.