Monday, July 28, 2014

Jihadi Miami

Gotta love the following video.

Hamas getting around Miami, near the 2nd largest population of Jews in the United States - Boca/West Palm.

Where do they get the audacity to attack a reporter and threaten to kill him?  These guys need to be locked up.  It should be chilling to anyone who see's the quick steps these guys go from hate to violence.

It will be interesting to see if the DOJ get's involved because these attacks could be classified as a Federal Hate crime. They also try to intimidate him by calling the police on him and by trying to run into him with their children on their heads.  How is that good parenting? Hiding behind the children?  How sad.

For those Americans watching, just notice how the Jihadi's tell the Jew to get off the American public sidewalk so he doesn't cause trouble.  Apparently, Hamas thinks it now owns American's sidewalks.