Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Twin bomb attacks

Opposition leader Buhari target of second attack; over 40 dead overall

Opposition leader Buhari target of second attack; over 40 dead overall; 24-hour citywide curfew imposed

Nigerian opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari was the target of the second bomb attack in the northern city of Kaduna on Wednesday but escaped unhurt, an official said.

Buhari, who also led Nigeria as a military head of state in the 1980s, "was the target" of the bombing in the Kawo area of the city, said Ahmed Maiyaki, the spokesman for Kaduna's governor.

The second blast has killed at least 17 people, the national rescue agency said, after an earlier suicide attack in the city killed at least 25.

Just terrible to hear!  It appears to be Boko Haram, who I mentioned explicitly before on my blog.  These guys are nuts and out there to kill everyone.  You know, genocide.  If these guys get into power, that is exactly what they will do.

Let's check out the Left wing MSNBC bubble today?

#1 - "GOP'ers : We couldn't live on minimum wage."

With the headline picture :

When you click on the link, it says,

"Poll: GOP couldn’t live on minimum wage, but still won’t raise it"

Does such a poll exist that shows the GOP won't raise it?  Or was that just a tacky way of excluding the GOP from the rest of nation - a nation that agrees that people can't live on minimum wage.  Which, I may add, is obvious to anyone living in the real world.  So, thank you MSNBC for that 6 day old news that no one cared about at the time?

No. I know better.  They don't want to look at these terrorists groups savagely murdering innocents because it shows how ineffective Obama and the Left are.

Look over here, not over there.

It's a game of cups.

Nothing more than a distraction because these guys are jokers.  That's all they know.