Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Remembering history

When you look at some of the events going on the world including,

* Facebook only going after radical Right wing Jewish Israeli groups
* MSNBC & Al Jeezera broadcasting Palestinian propaganda non-stop
* The Condemning of Israel (yet again) when at the same time UNRWA gets caught with 2 schools harboring missiles (along with UNRWA giving missiles to HAMAS, which could actually be a legitimate war crime).

It seems like it's a one sided fight.

With that in mind, I figured I would make an ode to the greatest one sided fights ever, and the greatest sporting losers of all time;

The 1940 Washington Redskins.

The ownership is still losers, even after Superbowl titles, because they refuse to change their bigoted name.  Just change it.  Stanford changed theirs to a tree (some may not remember their original logo).

There is no pride in calling your football team redskins.

So, I figured I would share this in honor of the people fighting to change this racial slur that's still championed, in 2014.

So, just to highlight why the name should be changed, I recommend sharing this video :

 For more information to help, please see here.

Thank you.