Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Islamic Republic of MSNBC

For someone who actually watched MSNBC in the past, I'm sure glad I see the light now.

Their #1 story?  The ultimate soft ball interview by Chris Hayes on Tariq Kheir.
That is a weeks old story Chris! Common'man!

The reason the story stopped being interesting was because it came out that the kid was at the center of starting the riot!  He was a main instigator.  That is not to say I condone his beating at all, I think it was unjust and overboard.  It was wrong.  But was he some innocent bystander?  No.  So that makes him a liar in Chris's interview.  Just look at his eyes darting in the video like every other teenager lying to cover up his own mistakes.

Please, he just so happens to stay around because he was too scared to do anything?  With everyone chucking stones, malatov cocktails?  Everyone knew this kid was "the cousin from America" and the kid was at the center of it!  They pushed him into the fight for PR reasons.

Why don't you ask the mom, while she sits there in front of you a real question for once.  Why did you let him instigate a violent riot against Israel? Why did you let your child go out there unsupervised when there was a riot starting?  Why would you let him out there when you know he would be used like that?  Where were you?  What a terrible parent.

More so, do you condemn Israel? Do you condemn Hamas?  Where do you stand on the real issues, like women's rights under Sharia law?

On top of that, the video given doesn't even look like the kid.  The person in the video looks larger, and surprisingly enough, was wearing an Islamic terrorist headscarf that covers his face.  In America, that would not be allowed in a court of law.  Not that it excuses what was done, either.

In any case, shame on MSNBC for making this their #1 story.

These soldiers using excessive force does not exemplify Israeli law and practice.  That has already been said, countless times.  The soldiers have been investigated and the actions condemned across the board.

“The youngster in the film was a minor who was arrested after the officers apparently identified him as having taken part in the riot, with his face masked and a slingshot in his hand,” it said. At the end of the inquiry, investigators found “evidence allegedly confirming that the suspected officer had committed serious violent offenses after the minor’s arrest and while he was bound. In view of this the department director is weighing serving a criminal indictment against the suspected officer and has instructed that he be summoned for a hearing,” the statement said."


So Israel identified him with a slingshot in his hand!  The kid was actively involved!

Chris Hayes with the crack journalism there.

The better question is, why now?  Why weeks later is this a front page story?

It seems to me that MSNBC is instigating violence against Israeli's by giving them a prime time platform to preach their hatred unquestioned.  It's no different than S.I.'s Lebron James article.  Chris Hayes and MSNBC have no journalistic integrity.

But this is with real people they are tampering with, possibly instigating even more violence around the world, during a real war when we need calm debate.  MSNBC is one twisted media organization.