Monday, July 21, 2014

Trying to destroy a city

If you are from Murrieta, get to know this guy, Lalo Alcaraz.

A supposed artist, you may remember him from such masterpieces that I already mentioned.

I guess that is what passes for art these days.  My children have better drawn pictures on my refrigerator.

If Lalo is indeed smart, he is promoting himself by depicting Murrieta in terrible ways to offset his lack of talent, and then playing the victim card.  In that way, he becomes a matyr in his own mind.

But his actions in trying to stir up trouble in Murrieta has boiled over onto Facebook quickly.

What is this group about?

"Murrieta, California has reared its racist head, so lets give them what they want and segregate them. Boycott all business in Murrieta, California!!"
Threatening to boycott all business in Murrieta is a direct threat to the economic security of the people in the city.  That is more than defamation of character, as is Lalo's problem, but promotion of the destruction of an American city without thought or rationale.

I'm sure the city of Murrieta, it's residents and city council, need to know about who these people are.

So I did some more digging through BMC's website and found pictures it had posted on it's timeline.

A not so subtle attempt at Anti-Religious bigotry, but a blatant racial slur against anti-Immigration protestors.

So who is this Richard Johnson?  Never heard of the guy myself. Google, thank you ever so much.

He's Richard T. Johnson.

Such wisdom and intellect this BMC account follows.  Let's see what else it says,

"A hand held sign @ the U.S. border says, "Citizens rights are for citizens only!" I laughed & laughed until my gay ass tried to get married."
You can see the resentment against the U.S. because of homosexual rights.  Clearly, Mr. Johnson believes that the US and religious individuals justify anti-white racism, anti-religious bigotry, and overall, Anti-American sentiment.