Monday, July 21, 2014

United Nations, Broken Ethics

What a sorry state of international affairs when the focus is always on condemning Israel.  When Hamas terrorists are using their own civilians, including children, to conduct war, they are committing war crimes.

Yet, it is always Israel that the wraith of the U.N. comes down up.

But it's been like that for years.  It was in the UN that the Arab Block first started shouting Zionism is racism and other non-sense.

That was 1975.  Almost 40 years ago.  The U.N. seems to have never come to the realization that it's idiotic approach to peace doesn't help solve the problem.  If anything, the U.N. continues to help promote the violence.  Perhaps the U.N., in it's current form, has outlived it's usefulness.

After all, the security council is setup from the start with Russia and China, who are hardly interested in Human Rights.  More so, the U.N. was originally designed for Democracies and their allies.  Even those allies who were not Democracies, obliged the Democracies out of respect.  They would generally abstained in greater matters if it would run counter to the Democracies.  Instead, now a large portion of the UN is in support of dictatorial and theocratic regimes jostling to condemn Israel.

Somehow, along the way, the UN lost the plot.  Instead of promoting peace in the region, it's out to condemn Israel again during the middle of a war with a Terrorist organization.

Where is the U.N. going after the real war criminals?

A terribly sobering state of affairs considering the charter it was founded upon.