Friday, July 11, 2014

Shabbot shalom

For those of us living in the free world tonight, take comfort in this great luxury. Around the World, not everyone is free.  Some people are having to fight, and die, for freedom still in the year 2014.

What most people don't understand is that the natural state of man is war.  Not peace.

No matter if you look at it from a purely biological point of view, or that of Original Sin, mankind has a terrible history of evil deeds.  No more so, than in the 20th century.  The 20th century was marked by perhaps the worst advancement in human history, it killed itself faster than ever before, and in many terrifying ways.

Peace is the direct result of powers intimidating those others who would break the peace.   It is the powers of law and justice that enable peace.  It's the military who enforces it.  This is why the US Armed Forces should be hailed as heroes - they keep the peace for us all.

The people who mock them are no nothings - unworthy of being listened to.  They study peace, but learn nothing more than hatred of America and it's ideals.

This is why it's important to remember the core ideals of America, and human history.  Freedom isn't free.  Sometimes you may suffer for it.  Sometimes you may have to wonder through the desert on the faith of the unseen.  Sometimes you may even be crucified for it.  But it's there.

"There is no freedom, without the law."

This is the truth.   You can't have freedom without the law.

However, there are times when you have to understand priorities within the law.

Some may point out a Jew should never eat pork.  Under Kosher law, this is true.  However, there is always an exception for life!  Life always takes precedent in Jewish law. For instance, in a survival situation, a Jew can eat pork if it helps him survive.

Tonight, for the Jews in Israel fighting for survival.  Even if they break the Sabbath, they are fighting in the name of survival.  Life always takes precedent. So they are not breaking the Lord's commandments.

If you are free, remember how much of a privileged it is.  Remember it in honor of those around the World who are not.  Enjoy your freedom.  A tradition Jews have for Passover, to remember what it means to be free, is to place a pillow behind you as you sit.  I recommend it to honor these brave patriots who still must still shed their blood to be free of terror.

So, enjoy the peace.  Shabbot shalom.