Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why now?

We should consider ourselves very lucky living in such a time.  Many of our ancestors lived short, painful lives.  No running water, electricity, let alone Facebook.

We have it pretty great, in contrast.

We live in a great age of scientific advancement.  Our technology revealing even the most deep secrets of the universe.

One such recent discovery, has helped answer the question of how the universe got started.  Teams from around the world confirmed that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.  This Nobel prize winning work was as historic as the revelations that the earth was round and orbited the Sun.

Here for the first time was proof that a force was pushing upon the Universe to cause it to expand.  At the highest positions of scientific authority, scientists dubbed this power dark energy.  Why?  Because it's mysterious?  No one knows.

Our notions of what we knew challenged, there was a rush to explain that the Universe must still end.  It must end in cold oblivion, they stated with authority.  Does it?  If it's accelerating, why must it suddenly stop?

Further research came out showing, even our notions off how the Universe began were wrong.  Instead of starting in a big bang, it started from one small, infinitesimal speck, and expanded slowly at first, like a flower blossoming.

Now the scientists had to jump through more hoops.

On other fronts, science was one again, reshuffling it's theories.  In biology, fossil evidence, long sought since Darwin's day, had come to the conclusion that there was no support for his theory.  There was no record of the trillions of permutations in the fossil record that would have been required.  Most life on earth appeared all of a sudden, in what is called the Cambrian explosion.

Scientists once again jumped in to question this.  Surely the fossils they needed, ones predating this event, couldn't be found because they couldn't fossilize. Or so they argued.

Then in 2012, in China, they found the pre-Cambrian fossils.  Just worms, I'm afraid.

This should not have been a surprise.  According to biochemist Michael Behe, we have evolved, to not evolve.  In his famous book, he reveals that our bodies fight random mutations.  Cancer, as we now know, is when those mutations get out of control.

And so, micro evolution, and Darwinism in general, should be placed into the annals of disproven theories.  More importantly, it should make us once again, wonder in how miraculous the origin of our species, is.

But of course, some are not willing to let go.  These hangers on paint anyone who disagrees as intelligent designers who believe the earth 5000 years old.  News break for them, not everyone reads the bible literally.

But that's just a pretense.  Inside they know the truth.

Which is why now.

Disproven, Darwinists still control biology.  From UCLA professors such as Sam Harris, they control the next generation.  Keep them blind to reality.  Call everyone else who believes in religion crazy, or living in the past, so the students will be afraid to look. 

"organized" religion is evil according to this new Darwism religion.

Atheism, after all, is a recognized religion in the United States.  But it's not organized.  It can't, because of its own ideology.  There is no point to organizing, an Atheist should claim.  You don't need to be organized to not believe in a Higher Power.

But Darwism can be organized.  It is organized.  It's starts at the institute's of science, universities, even the Smithsonian.  It is read now in every public school classroom.

How many people remember the moths off England's industrial age as proof of evolution?  A scam, perpetrated against science.  Moths don't sit on sides of trees waiting to be eaten.  They live under the branches and leaves.  The ones pictured were placed there, dead, to be photographed.  A sad trick.  What we have learned in all this is that there are variations in species, but they are still the same species.  The moths only ever evolved into....Moths!

And so the lie is wide spread enough to convince the educated student into the Darwin religion.

This religion is not new.  It came around before, in Nazi Germany.  The truth of the Holocaust is that the Nazis were interested in replacing organized religion with their own.  That was the purpose of Goebbels.  

Goebbels once wrote, and I'm paraphrasing, that the reason Hitler and the reasoning behind the final solution was that Christianity was a branch of Judaism.  They both needed to go!  He would say both were holding the human race back from evolving into the next, better, species.  A superior race and species.

That was the purpose of thousands of Nazi bio-genetists and doctors practicing eugenics and planned parenthood. That is why Hitler removed the pictures of Jesus and crucifixes off the walls of Churches, and replaced them with pictures of himself.  It was more than just racial and religious hatred, it was an attempt to control the world by controlling religion and the next generation.

It soon found a willing ally in fundamental Islam.

These not-so-strange bedfellows allied to inact the final solution.  The Mufti, a supporter of the Third Reich, toured the death camps personally.  Together, they could rid the world of a people who would invalidate their own.

But that was stopped.  Nazism was crushed.  But the crazed fundamentalism just regrouped, rebranded.  And waited.

Apparently they waited for days like today.  Days when Darwinism is again taught in schools, without it's history, or ramifications, or counter argument, taught alongside.  Days when Marxism is taught by theater majors like a school play.  Days when moral relativism is the epitome of thought, if there is thought at all.  Days when kids have no idea what the Koran us, how to read it, or it's implications.  Nor do most even want to, they rather avoid real life. 

And so, why now?  Because these two forces are back, and becoming stronger every day, thanks to our President and the Liberal party which encourage and embolden both.  They want no borders, because they want much more than that. They want a crisis because they want an excuse to do whatever they want.