Thursday, July 10, 2014

Equality and The Wheel of Time

Recently, I was reading some comments by Wheel of Time fans that slammed Robert Jordan's work for being sexist, or out of date.  These comments were made specially in regards to women and feminism.

I find that hilariously wrong.  Not only are there plenty of strong, female characters throughout the series, the world of the Wheel of Time is actually one in which the females are the dominant gender in society.  The Aes Sedai are at the top of society, while any male channeler is considered the equivalent of the Dark One.

Clearly I disagree.  In fact, I find Jordan's work to be more than fair, and rather inspirational.

I think the problem is two fold,

1. Liberals / Feminists want everyone to be equal
2. Feminists don't want strong faith based role models

Let me explain,

Liberalism and feminism are both alike in that their logic, that all people must be equal, is at the heart of their philosophy.  Unfortunately, in the real world, not all people are the same.  Some people are unrepentant murders and rapists, some people are faster and stronger, and some people are born with deformities that will never allow them to take a normal part in society.

A good example of this rush to create equality happened already when people started looking at Robert Jordan's notes.  Those who supposedly read Jordan's notes and reported back to Theoryland, didn't leak much, but what they didn't leak, is telling.  Jordan did not leave the powers of the Male Channelers in his notes.  While we do have a general idea of the male Forsaken power levels, it's clear that Jordan left the rest purposefully out.  That says to me that he didn't want the power levels to be defined and equated to the female side.  But that is exactly what the leakers started to do.  They needed everything to be equal, for no reason other than it should be that way.

It's frustrating to see the leaks only care about feminist issues, and I expect the Encyclopedia to be the same.  I for one plan to boycott the Encylopedia now.

The more ironic part about it is that when brought up, these same individuals like to compare the whole issue to Egwene.  Egwene?  What does she have to do with anything?

It occurred to me why these feminists are so obsessed with Egwene.  Not only is she a strong role model, but she is faithful!  Faithful to the White Tower, her people.  She was faithful when starved and beaten, bullied and intimidated.  Yet, she remained true.  Her visions, her dreams, much like Joan of Arc, lead her to the final battle where she tragically dies, but also kills, Mazrim Taim, the M'Hael.  She is one, if the not, the greatest heroes in the entire series.

But somehow, the feminists hate her.  Perhaps, the real reason they hate her is because they hate people who are faithful.  People who are determined to reach their objective no matter the resistance.  People who have faith in themselves, in their missions, and in the Creator.