Thursday, July 10, 2014

Murrieta Patriots

The word is getting out.  The patriots in Murrieta did the right thing, and the left wing media did everything in it's power to smear them.

Matthew Vadum wrote a wonderful column on this today, and points out exactly where so much of the exaggeration is coming from.

My favorite part was this,

"A group calling itself the Tequila Party is demanding the activists be jailed for daring to protest."

The Tequila Party?! Sigmund Freud must be paged.

"They accuse activists in Murrieta of being “homeland domestic terrorists (masquerading as patriots),” and claim that they were “obstructing federal law enforcement from performing their jobs and terrorizing small refugee immigrant children from Central America with racial slurs.”

Terrorizing with racial slurs?  Do these people not know what terrorism is?  It's when innocent people lose their lives.  It's when people strap bombs to their children's chest and send them into the marketplace to blow up other little children.  Not when they hear things they do not like.  I feel sorry anyone felt racial slurs were used against them, but the sad truth is there are much worse things that happen everyday, around the world.

This Tequila Party needs to get a grip or a lid, which ever comes first.