Wednesday, July 30, 2014

El Camino

To put some of this in context, I grew up nearby El Camino Real, with many friends who are marines and army.  Southern California is what I call my home.  I have lived in Murrieta, even if I currently like in Elsinore.  I volunteered at the food kitchens at St. John's when I was in high school, many moons ago. 

For me, I woke up in 5th grade to politics.  On the 4 square courts, I still remember the first time I heard someone bash Reagan. And more so, what swayed me to the Left was the 2000 debacle.  I didn't fully understand what was happening.  I didn't know who Al Gore really was.

So I feel like I'm coming home to my roots.  It's taken me awhile to see the light, but I'm here.  I'm back on the bright side of the road.