Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Temecula Valley Chapter of Oath Keepers

I had never heard of Oath Keepers before a few days ago.   I'm very glad I decided to go tonight as it resonated with me on many levels.

First off, the issue of respecting the Constitution.  That's what I've always been taught is first and foremost as an American citizen's responsibility.  We have an obligation to honor and keep it.  Not some politician's fancy.  This is why I have no problem leaving the Left forever, particularly when it becomes clear they have lost themselves to the wolves.

Second, talking about self-sufficiency and sustainability is right up my alley.  It's not just a necessity, it's reality.  I've been preaching that for years! That's one part of why I went back to school to study sustainable architecture, and why I'm a big fan of Michael Reynolds and Earthships. I know that this is about protecting our family, children and the American way of life.

Third, thank you Oath Keepers for your support of the Murrieta Patriots.  I can't stress how glad I was to see the support go hand in hand.

It's also wonderful to hear real people are behind us from across the nation.  I was reminded that there are indeed a great many patriotic Americans ready to stand by our side.  So that has made it's mark.

In fact, the message resonated with me so much that I felt the need to get involved with Oath Keepers, and recommend anyone who Stands with the Murrieta Patriots to donate to the new Temecula Valley Chapter of Oath Keepers.

It's critical you do so right now to get the Chapter underway.

Thank you again for your continued support,