Wednesday, July 30, 2014


An true look at what happened in Murrieta,

Here are some critical parts :

"It is critical to address the issue of the name calling that is going on with the Murrieta protests. The media keeps airing noise that the protestors and residents of Murrieta are racist and uncompassionate. This is an attack tactic that is baseless. If you were in the group of protestors like I have been, you will see people of many varied ethnic groups. Legal immigrants from countries all over the world have protested. Yes, there are a very small number of individuals who have extremist viewpoints. However, these very few individuals do not represent the ordinary citizens who are there protesting for their community. In fact, what is shocking is how the media ignores the counter protestors from La Raza and “Brown” militant groups in brown military style uniforms who are protesting for the illegal immigrants. These individuals are clearly racist in nature yet they receive no national coverage. Also, only some conservative news outlets have reported the burning of the American flag that took place by the pro-illegal immigrants on Independence Day.

One major story that was misreported by the news outlets was the arrest of four individuals on July 4th. The news reports only stated that four protestors were arrested, including one for assault against a police officer. Why they did not state the full facts that they were pro-illegal immigrant protesters is beyond reason. These individuals got in the face of an elderly protestor who was there to protest the shipment of illegal immigrants into Murrieta. They kept taunting her and pushing closer to her as a group. She finally stood up when they then slapped her. As the crowd started reacting to the incident, they began to flee. Police officers then quickly caught up the them where they began to resist arrest. It is of significance that three of those arrested were from outside of the Murrieta area except for one who was from a town just north of Murrieta. One would think that the whole story would be relevant, yet the news stories only reported that four “protestors” were arrested. This left anyone to believe that the “protestors” were some of the many citizens there to protest the shipment of illegal immigrants to Murrieta. This was of course not the case.


The damage that the media is causing can be significant. Some opposing organizations are now even asking Attorney General Eric Holder to charge Murrieta protestors as terrorists. This is the climate that the media wants to create. They thrive on conflict as it generates “business” for them. Educate yourself on what is truly going on in Murrieta. Attend the protests and see for yourself. If not, at least research all of the facts before making any conclusions."
Them hitting her makes it a Federal Hate crime.  That should be on the news.