Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad fans

This is dedicated to the fans who are just turrible.

At the top of this list must sit the Washington Redskins, of which I have already gone into.  As fans, in the nations capitol no less, why no campaign to change the name?

Next up, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Notorious for booing their own team and injured players!  They even payed a dog killer millions of dollars to play quarter back for them.  Not a classy group of guys and gals.

Our newest member, Brazil!  Thanks to their destruction of 20 buses during the World Cup, they got added to this list.  Congrats fellas.

Which means that, rightfully so, the University of Arizona deserves to be on this list.

Yes, the University of Arizona fans.

Not just for the 4th street riots, but for the meltdown after every loss.  GOAZCATS was full of childish drivel after each one like it was the Final Four.  Man, if only we had scored more points than the other team, we would have won.  You think?  Get a grip, it's college basketball.  You would think like some would act like they have been there before with such a winning history, but no.  They take it as if every game is life and death.

Nor do I like was the scapegoating of players who play for the pride of the University.  They aren't getting paid outside a college education, so why the need to endlessly trash the players?  I'll be honest, some of the hate on Momo was just ridiculous.

But when it becomes about more than basketball, it becomes scary.  When these guys start circling the wagons around religious types - it's an issue.  When these guys start bullying, trolling, and intimidating anyone who resists (like Bert), it's an issue.  When you have trolls with names like Sugma Diq posting in every forum thread to make sure his name is everywhere, it's an issue.

It's no wonder no one wants to come back to GOAZCATS right now - even though they will once football season starts.

But, outside of Bert, who else is standing up to these jock itches?  He's the only guy with the balls to do so.  No one wants to take these guys on.   So, it's no wonder they jumped to check this place out (roughly 40 hits directly from their link they posted on their forum) because they are bored.  Guess I was right when I said they would run out of people to bully.

And, they changed their name, again, no surprise.

What, the co-op not working out for you?  Or was it,