Thursday, September 24, 2015

Being Fruitful

This trip of the Pope, for many conservatives, has been a huge embarrassment.

The Leaders of the Western World prance around talking about Climate Change instead of the real issues that seem to be tearing our World apart.  Rather than speaking up about the outbreak of brutal violence, that hasn't been seen in years, we see delusional weak willed blindness that is frankly, frightening.

Some Catholics are even asking if the Pope is Catholic - that is a question I see floating around social media. Given the fact that he doesn't evoke the name Jesus at all, during his speech to Congress, I don't blame many.  Nor is the Pope's promotion of Socialism at every turn.  I completely disagree with the Pope - Socialism is anything but at the heart of the Bible. The Bible teaches individual rights - such as the individual right to property.

Of course, what he has put forward, is a continued push for action on 'Climate Change.'  As I've gone into, and has been pointed out at length in the New York Times #1 Best Seller Plunder & Deceit by Mark Levin, the idea that the Earth is warming due to man made events is a fraud. The science isn't there to support such a conclussion.

But even if one wasn't a man of science, as the Pope isn't expected to be, one should believe that the Lord is Supreme above all others?  Should not the Pope believe that the Lord would not allow his World to overheat, causing the seas to rise and cities to flood.  To believe that the Lord could overcome anything that man could ever do. Does the Pope not believe that the Lord is the Lord of all things?

To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it." >Deuteronomy 10:14

The Lord also said,

"Be fruitful, and multiply. Fill the Earth, and Govern it." - Genesis 1:28

That's everything opposite the "Climate Change" agenda says to do, and everything these de-growth primitives hate.

More children. More growth. More humanity.

God commands us to do these things.  That's why Catholic Church had traditionally been against birth control of any kind.  Yet, Climate Change Alarmists hate all that.

So, which side is this Pope on?

I'm not a Catholic, but I can't help but look at this in conjunction with current events.  Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East, being burned for their faith, even being locked up or fined here in America for their belief, I would have found these subjects close to Catholicism to be much more critical to speak out on now. Nor do you have him taking on the tough issue of Planned Parenthood, which is sin on top of sin on top of sin.

No, instead, you have a Pope meeting with the likes of the Castro's, whose blood is still on their hands from enslaving their own country for years.

I believe it's embarrassing for this Pope, when people look back in the future, but I don't think it reflects on the faith.  I think Catholics are wonderful, and have done great things for mankind.  The amount of charity that comes out of the Catholic Church has been amazing, and has helped bring the World of Godliness closer to here on Earth.  I would consider this another trial of faith - ready for opportunity for new Saints to emerge.

I do think this is a reflection of the times.  Part of mankind's growing pains. It's infected more than just one politician, it's infected a generation. May our children forgive us when they look back years from now, and ask "What where we thinking trusting in all these dictators and tyrants?"

I don't know - but I would like to tell them that enough was enough.  That we refused to give up Capitalism, because it continues to be the greatest engine for improving the Human condition ever invented.

And that we, America, never lost sight of our God given right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.