Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Platform For Hate

So, the other day, Markos Moulitsas founder of Daily Kos, finally came back up for air after the revelations that he had given platform to a terrorist came to light.  To think they tried to pawn it off on the other side - like we don't have resources and the internet too - didn't last long.  Perhaps Daily Kos should check to make sure their writers are legit first - before giving them a platform.  Might come in handy in case they are, say, a domestic terrorist with multiple socks.


Speaking of pretenders, while we are waiting for him to retract his slanderous statements, I figured I'd delve into another one of those identify shifters, none other than the White poseur Shaun King.

This isn't an opinion piece. This is strictly factual. 
As opposed to when he repeatedly shout things like never say "black on black crime" ever again.


You gotta thank him for the warning before he tries to lecture us again with irrelevant numbers.  Because, that seems to be his thing. He just spouts out some numbers like that will suddenly rationalize everything.  Black on black crime is out of control in this country - but hey, white on white crime is 6:1! Ignorance must be bliss. Perhaps he doesn't realize most intra-racial crime is because simply of location - crimes of convenience and neighborhoods.

In any case, let's see if he has anything here this time.

Wisconsin Gov. and White House-wannabe Scott Walker is lying when he says President Obama is responsible for a "disturbing trend of police officers being murdered on the job."
His fellow Republican and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz doubled down and told the same lie.

If you look only at fatal shootings of police officers up to September of the seventh year during each of those administrations, the numbers are just as clear.
576 police officers were shot and killed up to this date in the Reagan administration.

528 during the Clinton administration.
405 during the Bush administration.
314 during the Obama administration

So, first off, where does he get his numbers?

He links here : http://usuncut.com/black-lives-matter/5-facts-expose-media-lies-police-shootings/

Which has the following graphic.

All the numbers match between the chart and Shaun's numbers.

There are two problems with this rather rudimentary line of logic.

1. Shooting deaths are not what the candidates said, nor are shooting deaths the only way a police officer can be murdered.

Unfortunately, officers can die from many other terrible incidents, such as stabbings, vehicles used as weapons, assault, etc. By immediately excluding that, Shaun is basically admitting that he doesn't have the facts to support calling Republicans liars. So by doing so, he's committing a lie of omission, by not mentioned the rest of Police murderers committed under Obama.

2. Overall, violent crime over the same period of time shows the same reduction levels.

One could easily come to the conclusion that it's the American people who have changed in that time period. One would notice that violent crime has in general has been down since the early 80's.

So what happens when you actually look at the current data, from the point when he started his vitriol?


A +9% year over just last year under Obama.  It should not be shocking that it is actually up this year to anyone paying attention to the news.

It's clear to anyone with a brain, Shaun King trying to play games with numbers doesn't work. His numbers are not relevant to the debate, and it's clear the hate he has been spreading is now reflecting in the data.

So, yes, you can lay the blame the instigation of these murders, particularly the executions of police officers, at the feet of Shaun King, Obama and Daily Kos. If they don't like that, too bad. They should have thought about that before they started trying to tear them down with every waking breath.