Thursday, August 27, 2015

Theoryland Zealots

The Left loves to talk about how conservatives are the "fundamentalist Zealots" in the conversation these days.

It doesn't matter if it's from up on high, such as Democratic Presidential Front-Runner Hillary,

or from Marxist front groups like Code Pink.

It's a repeated line of attack now to suggest Americans are terrorists. It's sad when some equate regular, every day Americans with vicious, lawless murderers. It's even sadder that this is all going on right now, ignored by this administration. 

My self, I've have been called every name in the book. From "electro-terrorist" for questioning Evolution, to constantly being put on "Domestic Terrorist" lists on Twitter.  The words these Progressives come up with is amusing, at first - but boringly repetitive as time has gone on. I often hope for more creative opponents, but I don't hold my breath.

In any case, as many know, the anti-Semite Davian93, the same one who posted the racial slur meme on Theoryland, said this in response to calling him out.

You can see - in their puny minds, everything seems alike. ISIS cutting off people's heads and burning people alive for their beliefs - and people on internet forums expressing contempt. It's all the same.

In any case, I always find it rather ironic when the Lefty's actually start acting like the hateful shills they are. The same people who preach "peace, love and unity 'mon."

Intolerance for opposing thought has become common among the Left. I noticed as I realized myself how intolerant of discourse the Left had become before I exited. If you don't agree - the opposition must be crazy, racist, etc. But it's become such an obsession, that you are starting to see racially charged revenge murders, like the one on Virginia TV. It's only the beginning of a cycle that is only bringing out more crazies.

I believe, ultimately, it's the Nazi-like rationalization for the murder of people who disagree - that's being spread. It's the same thing it has always been - desensitizing - turning human beings into animals.

And often, what is it over?

Climate Change. Race. Israel.

Take your pick. Sadly, there are unstable people around that will act on this, given enough motivation.  The racial hate and bigotry are the platform by which these crazies, like Elliot Rodgers and Vester Flanagan, justify their campaigns.

If anything we have learned from these two events, is that if people see or notice something odd about a person, speak up! This is why it's important to note the real crazies, so you can save lives in the future.