Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jumping in line

Is it any surprise that so-called journalist Jorge Ramos finds himself too important to wait in line for his question to be asked? Probably not.

The Narcissism of this cult is understandable.  They are taught they are self-important from birth. They can't be allowed to lose. Never. Their Demi-god Obama, has never lost in their minds. They don't see the epic failures of the mid term elections as a reflection on him and his policies - despite the fact Obama said before 2014 that his policies were "on the ballot."

Opps. Results were not exactly mixed.

If the will of the voters doesn't matter any more to the Left, then that is huge issue. It actually means they have detached themselves from Democracy.  Obama, realizing that his opposition grew only stronger, has avoided the mandate of the American people. He has flippantly pushed beyond the limits of Constitutional authority on Immigration and Treaties.

It's clear that we have already moved into an era of lawlessness.

That Jorge feels so comfortable to jump the line of press speaks to his own Narcissistic endeavors. After all, what is the media but a giant platform to feed those interests?

It doesn't matter if it's Jorge Ramos on Univision or Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, these bloviators are in it for the money and notoriety first - the 'folks' are secondary. That they get to be on Television, gain the notoriety and positive attention that comes with it, is readily apparent.

I think it's important to take our understanding of the media going forward with a huge grain of salt. We can't be led to believe everything they are telling us, we have to analyze and be cognizant of biases on all sides.

And too, we have to keep following the law, objecting to violent discourse and behavior. So long as we voluntarily act appropriately, they can't touch us.

We shall overcome.