Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I'd rather see next in MMORPGs

The standard in MMORPG gaming is clearly World of Warcraft.  It's often a good idea to emulate success, but at some point, you may be missing out on being forward thinking.

Here are my suggestions to any developer wondering how to break away from that mold that is the WOW clone:
  • I want to be able to play cross platform
  • Enough with the repetitive transportation quests
  • Micro-transaction games and MMORPGS do not endorse hard core players!  End game epic content is ruined when you spend thousands on in game purchases - such as in Runes of Magic.  I'd rather have expansion packs like Guild Wars, or at worst a subscription based plan.
  • Often times urban / home zones are completely unrealistic and ruin any level of suspense
  • Finding a balance in art styles between graphic quality and frame rate is a must
  • Combat needs to continue to advance towards skills and the action RPG style fight - but it shouldn't lose the combat roll qualities ingrained in the genre
  • End game that's worthwhile - nothing is worse than end game loot being too easy to get that everyone has it, or the roll rate too low that sufficient loot never drops.
With that said - good luck game Devs!

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