Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Keeping people misinformed

The media has a very critical role to play in our society.  It is supposed to keep us informed of the things that are going on around us.  Without accurate media, you begin to react to phantoms, illusions, and not real events in the world.

Ultimately, I would say that is the folly of the Left today.  They are being heavily lied to, as I was, by people that normally one would consider as experts.  Those in positions of authority, such as tenured professors in institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford.  Never mind the idiots at CNN and MSNBC, who also lied repeatedly.

When you get to the real world, you are able to see what is being preached in class, has not met with reality.

I can pick and choose examples from almost anywhere.

Trickled down economics doesn't work.  Compare the 80's to today?  The 80's were roaring. The progressive agenda when 'we' had full control of the Federal government in 2008?  Has turned out to be a dud.

Florida sinking under the sea, the Arctic ice cap gone by 2014.  No, both are still there. And if you check the actual records, less than 2mm of sea level rise for Florida in the last year.  There is nothing but "estimates" on the books based upon IPCC's flawed understanding of the hydrological cycle.

Speckled moths.  Do they really sit on the sides of trees as it said in my biology book on evolution?  No, of course not. They live underneath foliage, so predators don't see them.  So much for the evolution of months in industrial Britain once real world evidence is introduced.

The fact is when you put all the progressive ideologies to the real world test - they fail!  And not just one or two, all of them!

The Affordable Care Act?  Not so affordable when I look at my health care expensive for next year.  And I'm still confused on why I have to have new doctors.

Pulling completely out of Iraq?  Now we got ISIS rampaging in Iraq and Syria, threatening stability in the region.

The result of progressive policies have run their course - and they are disasters.

That is why I got tired of the bs - reality never matched what these talking heads would say. I soon realize that the conservatives had been right all along.