Sunday, December 21, 2014

Refusing to understand the other side

Back in early October, there was a great deal of hub-bub around an argument Bill Maher and Ben Affleck had regarding how Liberals should be aware of the violence being exposed in the Muslim faith.  One may remember Afflecks comments,

"That's an ugly thing to say," Affleck said, growing more agitated.

"How about the more than a billion people, who aren't fanatical, who don't punish women, who just want to go to school, have some sandwiches, pray five times a day, and don't do any of the things that you're saying all Muslims do,"

In my experience, this is view point of the Liberals I have meet as well.  They don't see the greater issues with the Muslim faith, that much is obvious.  They don't see that the Muslim's world's intolerance of women, minorities and LGBT is against the very principals of liberalism Affleck claims to champion.

The ignorance of Ben Affleck is not to be surprising coming from the modern liberal.   In fact, Evan Sayet commented upon this with almost same phrase back in May, months prior.

Unfortunately, the modern liberal ends up thinking everyone wants peace and harmony just like them.  They therefore invent a world in which everyone must all want the same thing, a world devoid of evil.  If someone commits an atrocity, it must have been provoked.  And as such, end up championing evil over good, intolerance over tolerance, fascism over freedom.

The other problem for the modern liberal, is that he often believes himself intellectually superior and more knowledgeable than his counter-part.

A perfect example of this was the Gruber fiasco.  Gruber felt he knew more than the American people regarding the good of Obamacare.  The sad reality is that Obamacare was and is, a tax, and it hurts the wallets of Americans.  Not only that, but as Americans, we don't want the Government involved in our health care.  We have seen what single payer systems have yielded in the past, rationing of care.  And as Gruber the economist will tell you - if the Government can save a buck on killing people, why not?  Gruber is all for abortion since it saves the Government money, so why not pulling the plug on end of life care.  The American people, in particular the Tea party, was smarter than falling for that.

In fact, what the Left seems not to have realized, is that their economic policies end up in disasters.  Look for a depressed area in America, and you will find Democrats in charge.  But no - they have convinced themselves that their economic policies are for the better.  They often complain that Republicans are too dumb to "vote in their interest."  It seems ironic that the reality is Democrats don't vote in their interest - just look at Detroit.

But this ignorance at the highest levels isn't just in economics, it's also in philosophy. A great example would be Hitchens, who stumbled over the concept of the Jewish Afterlife in a debate in Rabbi Smuley Boteach.  As someone who been savagely attacked by other ignorant liberals on that very topic, it begs the question : with all the information at our finger tips, why not even try to read up on other beliefs?

The truth is ... they are scared.  They are scared that the other side might be right. They are scared that there might be a G-d, who more than likely disapproves of their actions.  And so they avoid it at all costs - but not enough to avoid ignorantly judging what they don't clearly understand.

So they push it away.  They begin to label the other side when it disagrees.

"Because it's gross, it's racist, it's disgusting"

- Ben Affleck

In this way, they shut down discussion.  By branding the opponent as something the opponent can't stand, they hope to end the debate.

But that's not where it stops.  When you stand up for yourself, they will escalate their attacks.

At Theoryland, the anti-American moderators who didn't like the positions I took defending America from ignorant hate speech, ended up temporarily removing my title of Hero of the Horn, and then later claimed it was because my account had become "un-moored" from Ezboard.  There use of a nautical term to describe a technological anomaly was incredibly bold - but just as absurdly false.  When I protested their abuse of power, they erased my posts.

During GamerGate, RogueStarGamez been suspended by Twitter 11 times as a result of mass reporting by anti-GamerGate. None of these threats have been deemed credible, and Rogue has returned each time.  In fact, some of the accusation against him have been hilariously bad, such as in the case of the Patreon account, suspended for satire.  For others, such as +Mike Cernovich and @_icze4r, there have been police called to their homes over false threats.

When Louis Lerner was caught using her position for political gain - she covered it up by trying to delete everything. As a former cellular employee, I know those records are kept on file by the carrier for records - and can be subpoenaed. 

The fact is, the modern liberal can't stand anyone disagreeing with them, or thinking they aren't anything but the smartest or most perceptive human being's alive. So when it becomes obvious that they are caught - they erase, bully, harass, abuse power .... anything to remain in control.

And ultimately, they think this will never end.  When anything threatens their little world, they build their walls to keep people out.

They don't want to admit there are non-white, non-male gamers which was highlighted in the tag #NotYourShield.  They don't actually want to debate with people - they just want to get the opposition suspended.

They don't want to admit that there are conservatives who care about the air we breath, or the poor and homeless.  They don't realize that capitalism is the best way to bring the poor off the streets.

They don't want to admit that cops contain non-white, non-males.  Not to mention, many of those police are out there to save lives - not take them.

They don't want to admit that of the last 25 years, almost every single act of terrorism has had a Muslim involved.  

They don't want to admit that it takes force to maintain peace.  That it takes soldiers, who may have to kill, to be able to defend innocents from the evil's of madmen.

They don't want to admit that the US has been the least imperialist empire in the history of humanity.  When we had the atomic bomb and could have taken over the world, we didn't even take over Canada.

And so, these sad excuses for human beings live in their pathetic little bubbles, hoping for the world around them to collapse.  I feel sorry for them, if only they would listen, but at some point - you have to move on.  If that is the fate they choose - so be it.  But don't call them "open-minded," they are anything but.

Me? I want to know more, not less.  I want to see more creativity - not less.   I want more freedom's - not less.

So count me out - I have a life to live and places to go.