Saturday, December 27, 2014

Patreon Update

Just an update to my blog post "Patreon slanders USMC veteran," I did notice the other day that Patreon apologized for the comments.  They admitted they were wrong, and set the record straight, so for that, I commend them.

On one side they corrected their error, but then on the other, decided to change their terms of service policies.

I'll let this reddit post sum up what happened :

"1st they changed TOS then started kicking 8chan in the same day. Then when people mentioned that 8chan was the only one affected they saw they had to do more.

Then they woke up to the fact that changing the rules and banning someone the same day would be considered as unfair in court. And Hot wheels announced Mike was his lawyer and was going to sue them, which I'm sure was enough for them to decide not to kill their business for Zoe Quinn. So now a cooling off period for people to change their patrons.

It seems they are trying to play middle ground despite having meetings with certain Patrons, and it seems promising otherwise.

That way after a couple of weeks they hope everything will go back to normal. HOPE.. But we all know it's too late. They have already opened the Pandoras box and will never again be fully trusted.

They have in effect been exposed as working against a large part of their own Patrons and their supporters. From this day a large number of people using their service will stop recommending it. Will start looking for alternatives & eat away at their market share.

I guess they were too afraid to tell Quinn & Wu that if they kicked the people they didn't like from Patreon then they would legally have to kick them too for the same reasons. And it looks like Quinn came back to them with this story with threats directed at them so they felt they couldn't ignore it. These things usually have a trial that leads directly back to her! Rebecca Watson must be fuming at her after her "It' OK to Dox" post.

But to show how bent they really are, we even seen them discuss this... It shows where Quinn is mentally. She does not care if it hurts herself financially or her friends.

She just wants revenge.

Color me unsurprised.  Patreon, after bungling it's targeting of 'Hot Wheels,' turned on it's 'liberal' artist base.  A move that is not unexpected considering some of these self described socialists want to control what you can or can't buy.