Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back at it

So much has obviously happened since the election.

But I want to focus back on that since Obama is so fond of saying "elections have consequences."

In 2014, America rejected the Democrats completely.  That is why there was utter silence from the LEFT when they looked at the returns.  Their media has them living in a bubble where they don't know what is really going on.  So it was a shock to them when they were swept out of power in a way that hadn't been seen since the 1920's.

But in the aftermath, Obama has decided to do what any good liberal decides to do when confronted with reality - go into denial.

Instead of following the Constitution, Obama's administration decided it would make changes despite electoral losses. It denied the loses, seeking to make sweeping changes across the board.

If anything came out of the shadows from Obama's executive order was his desire for power.

Now, of course my liberal friends who watch MSNBC or the BBC all day are screaming that's ok, it's all within his power - but it's not.  We are talking about taxing these new legal residents with things like 'fees' which are powers that only the Legislature has power under Article I of the Constitution. So to them - cut it out.  You aren't fooling anyone.

I'm happy to debate climate science, immigration, and a million other things - but at the end of the day - the President has no constitutional authority to act unilaterally on immigration reform.  That is not debatable.