Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Common Core

It's some scary stuff.


It's about our rights as parents and Americans. 

Common core is an all out effort to make our children "global citizens."   Citizens devoid of thought or purpose - outside a blind resentment of anything that discriminates, including the United States.

In essence, Common Core is not only just making them dumb, it's making them America hating jihadi's. 

As has been reported before, this core has started to pop up with anti-Semitic questions, as well as complete revisionist history of the United State's involvement in World War II.   No longer is it taught as a fight between good and evil, but of America's global imperial ambitions.

It's only one step towards this, which is already circulated on College campuses.

 Picture taken at UNRWA school

The words “Israel does not exist,” is written on the map.

Elsewhere, for example, there are videos directed by journalist David Bedein that show Palestinian children being taught to hate Jews at UNRWA-founded camps. The camps are called “Camp Jihad,” according to The Times of Israel
It's easy to see how these "global citizens" taught in UNRWA schools now see the world - a world without Israel.

As if they don't already teach enough hate.

What is next for Common Core?  Perhaps the maps will change for North America as well...


Hopefully some may never drink ABSOLUT again.

Does it seem so far fetched if it's used in an alcohol commercial? The Tequila Party seems not to know much else.