Thursday, August 21, 2014


Last night, in the heart of Sunset strip, was an epic moment in comedy.

Just go up and down Sunset boulevard and you will see the wealth, and the poverty.  It's an interesting dicatomy that becomes appearant in the Hollywood hills.  And at the center lies the Hollywood Laugh Factory.

That is where we saw, live, the amazing comedian Evan Sayet.  Not just humorous, but poignant as well.  He takes the dirty truth about the modern liberal and exposes it for what it is - stupid.

For someone who had to deal with such idiot levels of stupid myself, I completely agree.  It's hard to see so many people in positions of power that are complete idiots that you have to wonder what's going on.  Even when you try to work with them, they can't handle it.  They are just too stuck on stupid, as Wiley Drake would say.  And defensively so.

But that is the world in which we apparently live.  Where stupid is rewarded.  Why? Because these people don't do anything.  Like the dopes that clog the main stream media airwaves, they don't do anything all day, so they feel free to post their vitriol non-stop as if people care what they have to say.  

Evan is brilliant in his analysis of the modern liberal.  Indiscriminateness of ideology doesn't lead to indiscriminateness of policy. 

They always side against what is right.  In particular, they hate Christians and Jews.  I saw that first hand with how they attacked me for my belief in the Bible.  Modern liberals can't stand the bible.  It says there are rules.  Can't lie.  Can't steal.  Modern liberals look at that and wonder how they can be themselves with such rules?  It's hilarious and true.  So terribly true.

For us, the moment of the night had to go to Evan's impression of the Liberal Rainman!  This brought on chants for more from the crowd as they rumbled in laughter at each impression.  I guess the rest of the world may have to wait for the DVD!