Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Modern Thought Police

Updated 7/22/2014 1:30pm (along with original article)

As I've reported, the situation at Theoryland is just as bad as I first had only brief hints of.

The moderators/admins have lost all sense of reason or dignity.  Such is the sorry state of affairs that now governs Theoryland in Tamrylin's absence.

They like to call themselves, the Chosen.  As if this title gives them the right to do whatever they want.  This arrogant, childishness is typical of ego-maniacs whose only purpose in goal is to acquire power, however slight it may be.

In a thread titled, New Faction, Tamrylin explicitly stated that he didn't want any personal attacks continuing in the forum. 

And yet, they continued unabated.

The personal attacks rained in from the usual suspects.  Terez, of course, leading the gang.  After my last post highlighted her obsessive compulsive behavior in regards to me, she of course started with a self defense of her appearance in the thread.

"I only looked because Nazabaque told me to."

The same Nazabaque who apparently doesn't visit anything but the Non-Wot forums, according to the Roll Call thread.

Does she really think people believe her when she says that?  Yes, Nazabaque told her to go look at the thread in question and comment despite Terez's years of supposed ignoring of my comments.

What a comedy of fools.

But that is what she is.  A fool. And sadly, the ring leader of this club of America hating, psuedo-intellectual fools.

That is she an admin or moderator, I already proved here :

That Tamrylin claims to not know is also of major concern.  How does Tarmylin not know she's an admin or moderator?  Did one of the Chosen promote her without Tamrylin's blessing?  Inquiring minds want to know.

But don't expect these "Chosen" to answer to anyone.

In a PM to me they said,

"We want to make it clear that any outcome related to moderation of posts written by other members is not within your purview."

Too bad.  It is now.  And the purview of the internet for all to see.

Of course it interests me when someone personally attacks me over and over again as the moderators blissfully skip through the fields of their own minds.  Their incompetence was on full display when they let the comments continue to fester on the forums.

And the comments were indeed vulgar. 

Since, these brainless fools didn't have much else to say.  They are reduced to their usual infantile bag of words, like crap and asshole.

And the comments were indeed brainless.

The complaints included the supporting comments were too long to read.  How these guys made it through grade school, I'll never know.

And the comments were indeed laughable,

Most of the charges were that I was anti-Semitic! 

The hilariousness of how fast this card was played was pointed out by multiple long standing Theoryland members.   As it was said, the quickness by which it was played said more about the poster, Seeker, than myself.

Instead of letting the matter drop, Terez, Fionwe and Zombie Sammuel continued to press the issue, since the Moderators showed no concern.

The rest of the thread was then filled with hateful and vacuous comments - which were left there, for days!

When I quoted the personal attacks that Tamrylin had personally said must stop, the Admin/Moderator erased all the posts, from the negative ones, to mine, to even defense of me.

They became, thought Nazi's.  You might have to check with YKS to see if that is the appropriate term to use here, since she claims to be the expert upon the subject : see here

"The main difference between nazism and communism is that the first killed certain "other" nationalities and the latter killed rich people.  If you're looking for a dictatorial system which eradicated religion, communism should be the one you ought to refer to."

YKS is apparently a flaming moron who has no clue what the Nazi's did to eradicate religion,( or that the Communists killed more that just rich people (that would be a knee slapper if it wasn't so sad).

Communism killed 100 million people by most estimates and YKS thinks they just killed rich people.  How on Earth she thinks that 100 million people in poor countries like Russia and China, were rich, I don't know.  Certainly, she is completely removed from understanding the root causes of either Nazi Germany or Communism in general, like much of her troop.

The bigger irony is what an ignorant fool she is - she somehow thinks she is the expert on the subject enough to tell a Jew when to use the word Nazi or not.  Let alone, thinks she is an expert on the subject at all.  Total clueless moron.

How that person got put in charge of a internet forum?  Well, because they probably have nothing else to do in life.

In any event, she will probably never get the hypocrisy in her actions when she decided to lock, and erase half the comments in the New Faction thread.  Both good, and bad comments.  And not surprising : my post simply pointing out which posts were attacks that were left on the board for days.

In essence, the Mods/Admin became thought control Nazi's.  Nothing to see here!

They erased everything so they didn't look like the incompetent idiots they were for not erasing the hate filled comments after Tamrylin's statement.  Nor did they punish the breakers of Tamrylin's pronouncement : which would have included Terez, Fionwe and Zombie Sammuel.

Sadly, these moderators/admins aren't about free speech or even WoT, they are about hatred for opposing thought.  If anything, they have become what they hated the most - Nazis.

Updated with link to original article (which is also slightly updated).