Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spiritual Leaders Promoting Hate and Violence

This is sad that these supposedly wise men would institute such hatred and violence.

What is it that they hate about Israel so much?  Is it because it proves Islam false? Or Darwinism?  Don't some profess to be the final religion? If so, I can see why it's hard for them to accept a permanent Jewish nation amongst the World for eternity.

Let's go ahead and take a look at some spiritual "leaders" today:

Of course, it's not just the "normal" types,

it's also some of the Karl Marx types.
Vattimo, a former member of the European Parliament, a self-declared gay-communist Catholic and a follower of Karl Marx, who is also known for his anti-Zionist views, told Italian Radio 24's show "La Zanzara" that he would like "to shoot those bastard Zionists." When asked whether he would like to see more Israelis killed, Vattimo responded: “Of course!”

I find his comments to be ignorant and dangerous.  But that's why he's a former member of Parliament.

Who is Vattimo?

Vattimo has stated that he stopped being a Catholic when, after having gone to study in Germany, he ‘no longer read the Italian newspapers’ (Vattimo and Paterlini, 2009: 27). 

To Pareyson’s dismay, Vattimo became a Maoist after reading Mao’s works while in hospital in 1968.

By lacking this sense of progress, postmodern experience for Vattimo thus coincides with nihilism. In searching for an anchor for the self, the postmodern person finds no centre and no certain foundations. As such, Vattimo views the notion of nihilism as the expression of the dislocation humans feel in the postmodern age. Nihilism is encapsulated by a Nietzschean phrase that Vattimo uses in his work The End of Modernity: that man ‘rolls “from the centre toward X”…because, to use a Heideggerian expression for nihilism, “there is nothing left of Being as such’’’ (Vattimo, 1988a: 20). 

Like I, and many others, have said repeatedly, moral relativism is dangerous!  Without a sense of right and wrong there is just madness.

But, the moral relativism, anti-religious hatred, and communism would explain the following books :