Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Moral Relativism is so dangerous

Some people don't even know what moral relativism is.  It's the idea that any moral is relative to the time, person, or situation that is involved.  Everything is constantly shifting - from one situation to another.  Everything has a different scale of justice to be balanced upon, depending on who is being thrown under the bus.

In this world, everything is constantly equal.

People who commit crimes are equal with the victims of said crimes.  In fact, the criminals become the hero's, the freedom fighters.

Somehow, in this delusion of grandeur, these moral relativists start to glorify the mentally disturbed.   They fight for the freedom and rights of repeat murderers and rapists.

Such was the case for Michael Dukakkis, who fought for the right of 1st degree Murderers without the chance of parole, to have weekend furloughs.  After all, if everyone gets the weekend off, why shouldn't an unrepentant cold blooded murderer?

Well, it just so happened that one of those guys, Willie Horton, went on to rape, kidnap and torture people on one of those furloughs.  That is why Bush slammed Dukakkis in this ad,

Most people don't even remember that was the Bush ad or that was the reason for the controversy.  Most people remember the one from the NSPAC, which is offered as if it was Bush's ad (still to this day on Youtube).

In fact, what happened was a deluge of negative comments from the Left wing media.  They called the Bush ads racists, from pretty much every media source.  This is a good reason for the Right to have it's own media sources, such as Fox News television or radio, even if not everyone agrees.

So, here is the real problem it uncovered for Moral Relativist, Michael Dukkakis.  He seemed to be a robotic jerk, who didn't really care about the issue.  During the Presidential debate, when questioned, he basically ruined his run for President (more so than any picture of him in a tank).

If it was my wife, I'd want the death penalty for the jerk.

Clearly, Dukkakis was out of touch with reality and the American public.  So too are the moral relativists of today.

From those that want to apologize for Iran, Hamas, and the Palestinian Unity Government, to those that want to charge honest Americans with criminal charges for standing up to illegal immigration, these moral relativists are a danger to the United States.  They put down our own government to make it just that much easier for American's enemies to kill Americans and Israeli's around the world.  It allows them to justify it.  Maybe they think, "If Americans hate America, then we are just, even Holy, in destroying it."  Moral relativism basically fuels the fire of Islamic-fanaticism, and it fuels the ignorance of the West to it's danger.

Perhaps the best way to combat it would be to declare it an organized religion.  That is, after all, what they claim to hate the most.  As long as they aren't a religion, they are superior, in their mind.  In fact, these moral relativists begin to crusade against those that are actually religious.  They become a religion of evangelizing non-religion and Darwinism.

Look at the 4 different Hollywood movies on the Scopes trial?  You know, the one that tries to make the ACLU sponsor mockery of a trial into a heroic triumph of science over hillbilly religious types.  The reality was that Scopes was a substitute teacher, arrested for reading a book at the local drug store.  That book?  A book on evolution that promoted racist ideals.  It was all actually a setup to create attention for the city and evolution's righteousness.  This is the retelling of American history by Hollywood to promote it's own agenda of moral relativism and anti-religious bigotry.

Such was the generations of the 1960's-1980's, who Ann Coulter termed the Worst Generation.  I think that is accurate.  If the Greatest Generation fought World War II, then indeed, the generation that followed was the Worst since it forgot the lesson of the war.  The Greatest Generation fought to keep the World free of oppression and genocide. The Worst Generation showed the world a different image of the West, one that reveled in alcohol and drug abuse, sexual provacativeness, and lost it's moral compass.  You can't stand up for morals, if you don't even know what they are.  The Worst Generation ultimately became the generation of Moral Relativism.

This is why it is up to our Generation, Generation X as some called it.  The Generation of the 90's - 2010's, that will now be burdened by the decisions of the Worst Generation.  Not just debt from their irresponsible wars and economic policies, but their egregious desolation of the Earth and it's vital resources.  We are slowly being handed the worn baton of the United States, only to see it painstakingly slip out our parent's hands.

But the funny thing about that?  I have confidence in us.  I have confidence that we are smarter than them, that we will grab that baton before it hits the ground.  Yes, I see us struggling to understand the situations around the world, but I see more than ever, our generation ready to look beyond the lies and propaganda.  I see a generation of Americans, young, proud, and ready to get involved in their country.

After all, perhaps one thing that has stuck with me despite the terrible US public education system, is that the difference between being an American and not, is that Americans are willing to stand up for what is right.  It doesn't matter your color, religion or creed, if you stand up for what is right, you are American.

If we don't, then we become our own worst enemy.  We crumble from within.  And that is really the only thing that could destroy the United States of America.  That is why it is so dangerous - and must be stopped!