Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red Card

As I stated in my victim card post, there are times when it's ok to use certain words.

For me, as a Jew, I tread the word Nazi lightly.  But it still applies.  Should I not call people who act in a fascist, anti-religious fashion for what they are?  I'm not afraid to say it because the name applies.

Times when it doesn't apply?

There are limits to when free speech makes you look stupid because the subject just doesn't apply.

Do some people think the anti-Immigration crowd is full of racists?  Absolutely!  It takes two seconds to see it.  Anyone who stands up against Immigration is immediately painted as a racist.

And if you happen to be of la raza,, you get called a traitor for standing up to them.

A traitor to what?  Clearly, not to his country.

Thank you to Alex Jones, and, for the brave journalism.

But for the guy who called him a traitor, it shows everyone just where your true loyalties lie.