Monday, July 28, 2014

Reconstruction & Murphy's Law

The issues with with waste in Afghanistan are much more than just Soy it appears.  The figures are eye popping.

The Afghanistan reconstruction budget is separate from the estimated $105 billion annually the U.S. spent at the peak of the 13-year war. Since 2002, Congress has appropriated approximately $103 billion to help rebuild Afghanistan, and the SIGAR's office has said that since March of this year, $17.9 billion of that remains to be doled out.

That's $8.5 billion a year.

More than double what Obama is asking for his super secret immigration request.

The waste is one thing, but what we find scary is the final line of the article.

“This audit reveals a stunning lack of accountability over combat weapons provided to Afghan security forces,” Sopko told “It also reveals that the Pentagon continues to send weapons -- even though the Afghans have 100,000 more than they need. We're very concerned that weapons paid for by US taxpayers could wind up in the hands of insurgents and be used to kill Americans and Afghan troops and civilians.”

Yeah, don't think it's on purpose, it's just that as Sopko points out, you don't want them winding up in the hands of "insurgents."