Monday, July 28, 2014


Why do Monday's have to be so sad?

It's the first day of the week, but why do we treated it like the end of the World?

Monday's set the tone for the rest of our week.   But, it's like a uninspired runner getting off to a slow start.  How can you expect to win the race?  You have to make up for it, perhaps.

Monday's should be a day where we are happy and joyful to start our work anew.  To delve into our studies.  To maximize every second we have on this Earth to better our selves and situation.

It's hard when we don't like our jobs, when we are unmotivated.

But we can go back to school, study, and change our careers.  Our roles in life are not set in stone.  We can make changes.  We can choose a career that will make us happy and motivated, that gives us a spring in our step on the way out the door.

If we change our own attitudes and perceptions, the World will follow.

In fact, in our home, it's Monga Mondays! We love the idea of eating with friends and family in a festive way to start the week right.

So don't be sad on Monday, be ready with a positive attitude, ready to make a change, and then we will see everyone's situation change as well.

Jeremy / Sodas