Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's time to Putincize!

Appearantly, Obama is on his mad fundraising tour, but won't do Kimmel.

Discovery - We have, however, seemingly found the tether for the bear: Appearing on a late night comedy show whilst on a fundraising swing through southern California amid the tripartite difficulties for the administration. The president will not be making a scheduled appearance on “Kimmel,” but will keep his scheduled high-dollar fundraisers that are taking him to the West Coast. (This is ratings gold, BTW, for Jimmy Kimmel, whose self-deprecating style fits perfectly with the moment.)  As Obama’s presidency lurches from disaster to disaster , the man himself is slogging from schlock to schlock. Whatever they say about the Starbucks visits, et. al., it looks pretty tired out. And now we know this about the bear: He’s apparently not allowed to miss the circus when it comes to entertaining rich patrons, but his handlers apparently draw the line at late-night laughs.


Poor Kimmel.  He may just have to do with other comedy bits for the night.  I wonder why Obama choose not to do Kimmel's show?  Too hard hitting?  Too tough?

Obama and some of these guys need to seriously start to Putincize!