Thursday, July 10, 2014

ISIS & Immigration

It's indeed a time of living in a dangerous world.  From the Middle East, to Murrieta, California, it's a time of chaos.

Take a close look at this picture, taken a few days ago.

Who wears an intifada shirt to an immigration rally?  That guy.

But the blindess of his own actions, should be sign that the Left has lost it's grip on reality.  It has become ideologically bankrupt.  No borders?  No nations?  That's complete anarchy, if not an outright call for the US to be invaded.

This is not unexpected from some of these wackos. But wackos they are.  On some crusade to right injustice, no intellect required.  It must be the 1st crusade all over again.

One such group, La Raza, has made it clear they are making a stand for what they believe in.  Uniformed intimidation.  They stood there, waiving their flag, shouting profanities at Americans, hoping to instigate a response. See here

No, these fools are not stupid.  They want to provoke a reaction as it get's them publicity, and justifies their cause.  In a coordinated effort, they decended upon the city of Murrieta today to stir up trouble.  But they found none.  They found patriots instead.

The Patriots, like the Minutemen of old, were no rabble.  They were organized and civil.  They stood their ground peacefully. They had already discussed how to proceed in a organized fashion, using the latest in technology.  From Facebook to Twitter, to the old fashion city streets, this generation stood up in a complex, and sophisticated manner.  Our founders would have been proud of us this day.

The outpouring of support from the city was tremendous as well.  From a gentleman showing up with one hundred burgers, to others dropping off water, the city stood proudly together.  There was a spirit and determination to this group that sent a singular message to any passer by. That message, the one that resonated loud and clear across the Temecula Valley, was, "We will stand together."

But, let other Americans, and people around the World know -

This is coming to your neck of the woods soon.  Don't think this is some isolated event.  A tempest in a tea cup.  It's much larger than that.