Friday, July 25, 2014

Hummin' Dixie

"Spying the Navy Yard brass band taking shelter under the White House eaves, he calls out a request: 'I always thought that 'Dixie' was one of the best tunes I ever heard.  Our adversaries over the way, I know, have attempted to appropriate it.  But I insist that yesterday we fairly captured it.

It is now our property,' he informs the crowd, then directs the band to 'favor us with a performance.'

Killing Lincoln, by Bill O'Reilly, pg. 90

When you think about it like that, we should bring the song back in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the slaves he freed, all those who fought and supported the Union.  We should take pride and honor in it.  It is now our property.  Let's play it loudly!  Let those unable to grasp it's meaning worry about if it's racist or not - it wouldn't be the first time they acted like complete fools oblivious to history.

 Updated with my favorite version of it, which I saw once live at the Escondido Civic Center.

Ah, that sounds great!

Perhaps we need to put together a band of the red hand for the rallies...