Saturday, July 26, 2014

Enjoy the Nazi party

Some say, there aren't any real Nazi's out there.  Ok, well, a few skin heads or two, but real Nazi's?  Common.  That was like, a hundred years ago when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, right?

Ok, well, don't be so naive.

Here is the reality that your kids are exposed to online these days.

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Last post?

A real lover, this one, posting that same statement all over Facebook.

Speaking of love, one of his obsession posts is about love - which is wierd coming from a Nazi?  Aren't those guys supposed to, you know, murder people and try to take over the World?

I'm sure it's no coincidence that he is spreading the idea of Peace.

#KissForPeace, #MakeLoveNotWar, #Peace.

Man, where have I seen that before?

I'm sure you want to see the video...

Why would a Nazi, who wants to kill Jews, suddenly want to promote peace?

On, that's right, so that, just like before, everyone will just keep appeasing them, going along, like a bunch of Neville Chamberlain's.  It's all part of the game to disarm the youth - because they are impressionable and not always able to understand and counter arguments as strong as a fight for peace - so they can do what they want.

Well, I say no more.  It's a war already being waged.  It's already being fought.  Enough is enough.

Calling for peace, right now, is just asking for Jews, Christians, and everyone else who stands in their way, to be slaughtered by Nazi's.

There are sides in life, despite what some may say.  Which side are you going to be on?