Friday, July 11, 2014


Of the 10 Commandments, I have always figured that the one that is most intriguing has always been the one stating, Not to take His name in vein.

Evey since I was little, I tried to wrap my head around that concept.  What did it mean? My Dad explained to me one day that it meant anything you did, when you did it in His name, would reflect back upon Him.  If you did Evil, it would be taking His name in vein.  If you lied, or acted a fool, or disrespected His champions, while claiming to be acting in His name, you would be taking His name in vein.

And so, growing up has lead me to see that there are often too many people who do this.  It's unfortunate.  More unfortunate when it comes from a Senator from the most populous state in the Union, my home state, California.

In this article,

Feinstein likened the situation to the “boatloads of Jewish immigrants trying to come to this country during Nazi Germany and getting turned back.”

Maybe she was misquoted, but why must every situation be compared to the Holocaust?  Why must we marginalize such a tragic event every time?

Because they take the Lord's name in vein.

There were few boats for the Jews of Poland.  They were mostly murdered were they stood after they dug their own graves.  Many tried to escape to other lands, such as Bulgaria, but the Nazi's and the Mufti wouldn't let many escape.  Why?  Because they wanted complete, and total extermination.

The situation today is not the same.  Most of the illegal immigrants are fleeing the violence of their home countries, spurned on by promises of amnesty.  If anything, it continues to highlight the need for a better, streamlined path to citizenship for immigrants, with a better understanding of international quotas.  Reports state that the vast majority of the immigrants seem to be making this decision based upon their own frustrations.  This is a terribly bad choice to break US law and the immigration process.  It may be difficult to stand up in their own countries of origin, but they can do it given the willpower.

However, that is not similar to the systematic, ruthless, and total destruction the Nazis persecuted against a contrary ideological, religious and ethnic group.  A group historically without a single country of refuge, and plenty of enemies.

Her comments also ignore the other people, who did take in those children, in that pressing time. Heroic Protestants and Catholics, who were killed for not joining the ranks of the Nazi's, or for trying to shelter the Jews, saved many lives.  And it does ignore that there was a quota for German-Austrian citizens, until in 1944 a specific rescue policy was adopted.  But this was because it was not just gang violence, it was extermination.  I do not want to marginalize the issue, but it's hard to equate.

If justice was possible, Feinstein would not be considered a Jew.  Taking the Lord's name in vein is breaking a Commandment, of which she should be cast out of the flock.