Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hatred against the Kind

Many, who read my posts, know that I'm a proud Jewish American, and firm believer in G-d.

But that doesn't mean I don't see other faiths with understanding or respect.  In fact, I welcome diversity of thought and opinion.  I enjoy the different religions and cultures of my fellow Americans. It's the depth of opinions what make us who we are today.

There are many people and Religions that, unfortunately in reality, don't think the same.  They don't have any respect or understanding for other thought or opinion.  That is what makes them what they are today.

It should hurt the righteous whenever a righteous soul is hurt or abused, no matter the faith. 

Such is the terrible abuses done upon Christians by ISIS.

"Their report, based on an Arabic report in the outlet Ankawa, claims that government workers in the city were explicitly told not to give rations to Christians and Shiites. One worker in particular told the outlet that he "was warned that if he gives rations to Christians and Shiites he will be charged and prosecuted according to sharia law.

Christians have fled Mosul in droves, attempting to reach Kurdish territory, where they are accepted, or pass through the country's borders to other areas. One factor that may be triggering the denial of rations – which would essentially starve Christians to death – is the fact that Christians who fled are returning to Mosul. A report from Charisma News notes that many who fled the city have decided to return, finding no other suitable refuge. An organization working with Christians in Iraq tells the news outlet that, in speaking to Christian families, "some families mentioned it is better to die at home than staying on streets."

Those that flee, seem to mostly flee to Kurdish territory, where they will be accepted.

But even there, it may not be safe, because ISIS is after all of Iraq and Syria.  It is in the name.

"KobanĂȘ canton has been exposed to the cruel attacks of the terrorist ISIS militants for some time. In these attacks, ISIS gangs are using all kinds of weapons, including the thermal missiles of USA. Nonetheless, after the first researches and medical control which was done by health team of KobanĂȘ canton and experts on the wounded and martyred fighters, it has been proved that the ISIS gangs have used chemical weapons. Doctors found burns and white dots on the bodies of the martyrs." 

So either stay, starve, certainly die, or become a refugee, flee through uncertain territory, and hope you don't get murdered in any number of ways.  Both groups don't have many great options, outside of fight. I pray for both the Christians and the Kurds of (former?) Iraq at this time.

This looks to be a very bleak time in the history of the Middle East.