Monday, July 7, 2014


As I mention here,, there are many interesting elements that can be discussed when dealing with cinema and literature that reveal deeper meanings looking through the prism of history.  For instance, the new Keanu Reeves movie, 47 Ronin, I found to have deeper meaning.

I recently watched this movie and was rather impressed. The wardrobes were outstanding, reminding me of older art work and Studio Ghibli films, such as Princess Mononoke.  Deeper, for those that follow Robert Jordan, is the concept of the Way of the Leaf. For one, Keanu's faction had it's representation as the Leaf on it's flags.  This symbolized a peaceful faction.  It's enemies had the symbol of the sun with snake like rays coming out of it.  The emperor, the 3 circled medallion.  That medallion, much like the symbol on the Wheel of time,

or the symbol on the necklace on the Season 4 : Episode 1 of Falling Skies of the brainwashed individuals calling for "peace,"

Soon, the tengu witch is exposed for what she is, a tengu shape shifter.  These tengu are ancient snakes, much like the snakes and foxes, the Finn, of the Wheel of Time.  Keanu soon has to return to gather swords from these tengu, in which the battle is also similar to battles with Fades in the Wheel of Time.  The Tengu witch goes from white fox, to raven, to large serpent (not really a dragon, no wings, didn't breath fire, just blew threw the candle).  This symbolizes wisdom battling the forces of good.

Overall, an interesting movie that I would recommend, both for the cinematography and wardrobes, but also it's core message and it's ties to the deeper conversation I've been talking about.