Monday, July 7, 2014

A great segment from Bill O'Reilly on this subject. I have for years, sworn, not to watch him. But now, I understand. It's terrible since Murrieta, which is where I have lived and my parents still live, have to now bear this image to the world. It's a shame.

We can do better. Civil dissent is one thing, spitting in another person's face is another. The actions of a few should not matter as much as what the Government is doing about the situation. Obama is acting years too late, after conservative states such as Arizona and Texas have tried to go it alone on the matter.

One thing that people may or may not know is that Amnesty, favors the top 1%. The really wealthy who use those illegals to cheaply make huge profits. These cheaters need to be punished. I think immigration needs reform, starting with E-Verify. We also need a fence, much like Israel has. Considering some of the comments coming out of Canada these days, and the riot over Ann Coulter's visit, we maybe should consider a fence on the northern border as well.