Sunday, September 27, 2015


It was great last night discussing the current state of GamerGate.  I want to thank Vey for hosting the streaming, he was a great host.  I also thought it was great to get in a mix of different people, from the more known to complete anons.  We definitely could use more of these events for more people to share their opinions.

After sleeping on the many issues, I think it's important that we realize where we are at.  The bottom line, for me, was, our enemies have kept going.  They have not stopped.

In fact, they have upped the ante by letting us know what their end game is - shutting down our speech completely.  We know this because they went to the UN.

Clearly, they have now realized how to achieve that goal.  By working within their political systems, they are pushing to get what they want.  Basically, they aren't afraid to use their voices and their vote to improve their own political leverage - which many in this generation now have turned to achieve their objectives.  I used the analogy last night to Black Lives Matter, however you feel about them.  Look at how they have organized, turning protests into campaign.  Now you have political candidates stumbling over themselves to make sure to appease.

If we want to fight back against this growing tide, I think we need to focus our numbers in the same fashion. Not tied to any political party or ideology, but rather an defined objective (or series of objectives) that we are working towards.

I've personally, always felt that the heart of the matter is freedom of speech, freedom of artistry, that Anita and the like are trying to shut down.  That's what I believe brings us ultimately together as GamerGate. I don't expect everyone to agree.  Many people have their own feelings on this, but freedom is something that is simple, and that can speak to people across the World. 

We stand for freedom, they stand for control.
Freedom to create. Freedom to criticize. Freedom to debate. Freedom to be ourselves.

From there, it's a matter of organizing.  Having weekly online streams - and in world meet ups. Turning this into a movement that has a significant enough of a presence to be noticed. Perhaps our own collective website and message boards, so that ideas can even be batted around outside the view of the public, boards that can't be erased because someone doesn't like what is said.

Also, if we call for ethics, then we have to have a certain level of ethics ourselves.  I'm not saying, don't have a good time, what I'm saying is - we need to know when to be serious, and when it's ok to not be. That way, we can attract serious political and media types to our cause.

If we do these things, truly focusing our efforts - it will legitimize us as a group into the future. Give us our own platform to help keep unethical journalists and SJW's in check.

That's my opinion on what I believe GamerGate should do.  Feel free as always to leave comments/suggestions.