Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Silver Lining

It's clear we are in a big mess here.  We have a World spiraling out of control, a lawless President, a lawless Congress, lawless Judicial branch, and some small town tin-pot dictators in pockets across the U.S.

But the Darker it has gotten, the more the difference between Good and Evil has become obvious, the more the difference between Freedom and Tyranny has become obvious, and the more the difference between Prosperity and Suffering has become obvious.

But there is a silver lining all all this.

The youngest generation, the generation most affected by these terrible Progressive policies of wealth redistribution and De-Growth, now see first hand the results.

It is our generation that has the most unemployment under Obama.

And it is our generation that has had to live in years of the same Progressive inner city policies that have led to spiraling out of control disasters like Chicago and Baltimore, as well as the once great Motor City.

It's our generation who is now dealing with Obama's messes across the World, the non-stop cyber attacks against our networks, Social Justice bigots like GamerGhazi here at home, the fixing of the Hugo Awards, the destruction of what it means to be a Hero (thanks ESPN). We get to see how crazy and mixed up the World has become. We get to see first hand, the slippery slope we were promised wasn't so slippery that long ago, become very slippery indeed.

So maybe in all this, it will move our nation, and the future of this nation, more conservative again.  Sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way.

And it is hard - no doubt right now. Our racial disharmony in this country seems on the verge of collapse. But look what it did in Charleston? Look at the coming together lead by the Millennial generation.

It's time for healing.

So we need to ask ourselves - do we keep doing what got us here? Do we keep doing the same idiotic things over and over again even though they aren't working? Isn't that the Einsteinian definition of insanity?

For those that are not even conservatives, but simply lovers of personal freedom, is freedom not worth fighting for? Isn't the right to produce whatever piece of literature, or video game, or music, or piece of art, or whatever it may be without the fear of someone telling you, you're an evil racist warmonger. Or worse - as was the case for Pam Gellar and her contest in Garland, but for the fortune of the quick thinking local police force.

We have an obligation to correct this wayward leftward drift into Marxism which is trying to destroying our freedom, and the future of our children and grandchildren as well. There is no doubt they will not stop until they have completely destroyed the American Dream, and we will be the Generation that will stop them once and for all.