Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Left Looses It's Anchor

As many people have recently commented upon, the Left loves to idolize it's own heroes.

It doesn't matter if it's sick and twisted murderers like Che Guevara, or Barack Obama, the Left makes Saints of it's own because it craves a humanitarian representation of ideals.

The Left doesn't really care about the faults of these person's.  To them, the ends always justify the means, and there is never a need for apology.

One of the newest additions of that Pantheon of gods of the Left, is none other than Jon Stewart.  In their world, you can have many gods, so long as you don't worship YHVH. Much like how the Romans, tired of Jewish insurrection, built a temple to Jupiter (among other gods and himself) upon YHVH's Temple remains in Jerusalem. So long as you believed in their Leader of the Universe, it was ok.  But not YHVH, that was sedition.

The Left considers Stewart a crusader of Social Justice, dispensing much needed vengeance upon conservatives and the capitalist media.  That much was clear from the show's own mockery of Conan the Barbarian in it's final episode.  Did they really accomplish anything beyond launching some all important comedy careers.

Whatever you may, or may not think about Stewart, you can't ignore, however, the disasters that have taken place because of what he has said. One of them, fear-mongering against science, causing widespread paranoia that has lead to all sorts of disease outbreaks that otherwise would have been eradicated for years.

So goodbye Jon Stewart, aka. Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, since you can't stand behind your Jewish name, and thank G-d.  Let it be remembered that you were Obama's Dathan.