Friday, January 2, 2015

Socialism - yes, it's that bad.

It seems to me, that the general consensus of the 'modern liberal' is that socialism is not a bad thing - in fact, it's something to be admired!  A good example I found recently in the anti-GamerGate's Ian Miles Cheong's writing.

"Apparently SimCity or wherever it is these Sims live is a socialist paradise. And you know, that’s a good thing."

- Ian Miles Cheong in a GameFront article :

So it's no coincidence that Ian Miles Cheong has a laundry list of pro-Nazi quotes attributed to him, summed up in the Ralph Retort here.

To those surprised that a socialist would end up a Nazi, it's time for a history lesson.

The Nazi's were socialists.  Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische.

No amount of revisionist history can change this fact, such as idiotic Tim Stanley articles.  I highly recommend the following article on why we know the Nazi's were indeed, socialists.

Ultimately, the Nazi's party thought it was morally superior because they avoided capitalistic "greed" as they saw it.  In the Nazi's greatest propaganda film of the war, Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, rewrote the story of the Titanic to pain the British capitalist system as evil - giving a moral basis for destroying the Island nation.

My point is this - socialists have always thought they are morally superior - even when they proceeded to commit genocide upon Jews, Gypsies, political opponents, and the handicapped.  They felt by eliminating the greedy and weak, they could help the Aryan race achieve √úbermensch status - evolving past the current human species.   But only first by eliminating inferior races - and inferior mindsets.

And so, it's seems to me, that history is setting up to repeat, simply for the fact that so many young person's fail to understand the history of socialism. But this repeat may be different in that it comes from inside.

The socialists will promise the same things they have always have - food & jobs.  But they will tell you what to like.  What is acceptable - and what is not.  It's not about liberty, it's about control.

So, I question the following:
Will this generation see the brazen ambition of the modern socialist? Will they allow their culture to be over run by the desire to keep everything "acceptable" by socialist standards? Or will they just stick their heads in the ground and hope it passes by.  Hoping that others, will somehow, win this battle for them.

I'm hoping they will wake up.  That they will see how they have been treated by their "media" and realize that they have been listening to phonies the whole time.