Thursday, December 4, 2014

Going too far

So while I don't make it a habit to go over to Theoryland, I wanted to stop by this morning and see what the conversation has become over the last few months.

I walked straight into this :

Basically Terez wants to shoot a sitting senator because he disagrees with her over her ignorant global warming position.

"Should we shoot him instead?" While a question, it leaves the answer clear with the justification that follows.  It's clear she doesn't believe that the voting system works - mostly because she's a dyed in the wool Democrat / Progressive, and she's still hurting from the election.

Elections do have consequences, but when we don't like them, saying that we should assassinate senators is a terribly immature, and borderline insane.

That is the type of people who TOR allowed to read over Robert Jordan's works?  Seems like they basically have enabled a lunatic. After all, she is the one that leaks the manuscripts for e-celebrity.  Terez may just be the definition of narcissistic idiocracy in the literature world.

This, after all, is the same person who said lawyers are all a bunch of liars. This is the same person who supposedly wasn't a forum moderator, until I proved otherwise. 

But suggesting to assassinate a seated senator over climate change?  She is just plain sick in the head.